The Team

Chris “Chrizz” Lefering – Moddb Profile: ES_Chrizz
@mail: chrizz ( A )
Role: Founder

Oleg “FreedoM_FighteR” Balzonov – Moddb Profile: ES_Oleg
@mail: freedomfighter ( A )
Role: Co-Founder

Note: “These projects are in development”

C&C Generals Alpha (Cancelled)
– – C&C Generals Z:H Total Conversion
C&C Renovatio (To Be Done)
– – C&C3: Tiberium Wars Total Conversion
C&C3: Tiberium Icestorm (To Be Done)
– – C&C3: Tiberium Wars Expansion Mod

Note: “These are projects were some of the staff worked on”

C&C Shockwave “2004” (Released)
– – C&C Generals Z:H Expansion Mod
C&C Reborn “2002” (Released)
– – C&C Renegade Total Conversion