C&C:RA3 Downloads

Your C&C Mod Tools, SDK Kits, Worldbuilders can be downloaded right here!
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C&C Red Alert 3 – Official MOD SDK ,
The MOD SDK is needed for making mods for C&C Red Alert 3.
Note: C&C Red Alert 3: Uprising cannot be modded.

C&C Red Alert 3 MOD SDK Version 2(Download) (130MB)

C&C Red Alert 3 – SDK Extras
Various tools that enhance what the SDK can do including some UI tools.

C&C RA 3 – SDK Extras (Download)

C&C Red Alert 3 Official Worldbuilders,
Needed for building C&C Red Alert 3 Maps

C&C Red Alert 3 Worldbuilder V2.0 (Download) (16MB)

C&C Red Alert 3 + Uprising: Official Assets,
Sample assets of C&C Red Alert 3, Including: Buildings, Units, Infantry and more.
Note: C&C Red Alert 3 + Uprising Source Model Sample Art is dilivered as (*.max) files.
You need Autodesk’s 3ds Max 9 or above.

RA3 GUI Source Kit (Download RAR) (Download ZIP)

Mammoth Tank Art Source (Download) (3.4mb)
– April Fools Model

Uprising Art Source Kit 1 (Download) (13mb)
– Steel Ronin
– Mortar Cycle
– Archer Maiden

Soviet Art Source Kit (Download) (22mb)
– Hammer Tank
– Stingray
– Tesla Trooper
– Battle Lab
– Construction Yard
– Power Plant

Allied Art Source Kit (Download) (52mb)
– Cryocopter
– Javelin Soldier
– Airfield
– Barrakcs
– Reptide ACV
– Power Plant

Empire of the Rising Sun Art Source Kit (Download) (18mb)
– King Oni
– Tsunami Tank
– Mecha-Tengu
– Mecha Bay
– Waveforece Tower
– Instant Dojo

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