C&C Tiberian Sun F:S

COMMAND & CONQUER TIBERIAN SUN FIRESTORM The first official expansion pack for the mega hit Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun.

Created by the original Tiberian Sun team, Firestorm is due for release in early 2000 and continues the Tiberian Sun saga. The notorious NOD leader Kane has been defeated but the battle for the future of mankind is far from over. A new, more powerful enemy has emerged to threaten mankind’s existence.

Release Date: October 1999

Publisher: Westwood

Platform: PC

Genre: RTS

Features: Exciting new units including the Juggernaut, Mobile War Factory, Mobile Stealth Generator and Cyborg Reaper, 10 new Multiplayer Maps, 18 New Single Player missions.


C&C Tiberian Sun Firestorm Trailer: