C&C Red Alert 3 – Soviet March

We just want to leave this here!

Sadly abd you already have noticed that we aren’t that active in the C&C Community anymore…
EA let us down a lot and sadly everytime we seen C&C Generals and the Tiberium Series we have good memory’s but also sad ones.
Every time we look at our Mod projects we are motivated to continue because its awesome but de-motivate us very fast because of the actions EA took.

For C&C Tiberium Icestorn & C&C Renovatio… Yes… We are scared of a cease and desist going to move to a new engine.
Since we still want to use the influences of C&C’s Designs but a brand new stand alone game.

Command & Conquer™ Beyond the Battle: Pt.2

EA Released a new Development Video of the GLA Nuke Truck.
In the video they show some little steps how the asset pipeline works.

Posted by EA (Official Post | Website)

Command & Conquer (Generals 2) E3 2013 Trailer

EA Released a Amazing E3 Trailer of the new upcoming Command & Conquer we prefer to call it C&C Generals 2.

Watch the trailer yourself below and note the Generals at the outro of the video!

Posted by EA (Official Post | Website)

C&C Generals 2 Screenshots & Concept Art!

EA Released a couple of High Resolution C&C Generals 2 Screenshots & Concept Art!
Personally I really like the amazing Graphics they pulled out of the FB2.0 Engine for RTS Goals!
GLA and the EU looks amazing and gives a great mood!
C&C Generals 2 seems how C&C Generals had to be in the first place. EU, GLA, China and USA with those selective Generals. As Sam Bass told in a Interview you could Select Generals like the (Tank General) for instance to Steam Roll some tanks and Specialties.

Take a Look at those amazing screenshots! And see ya in the Beta!

Posted by EA (Official Post | Website)

To view all of the Concept Art and 10+ High Resolution Screenshots go enter our C&C Generals 2 Section HERE


Merry Christmas and a Happy 2013

Command & Conquer Free “C&C Generals 2” Trailer

EA Released a Trailer at GamesCon from the new upcoming Free 2 Play Title Command & Conquer.
So far we personally things this is C&C Generals 2 but Free 2 Play, It has a Origin Installation but it wont be a Retail “Hardcopy” Game!

Also EA Removed the C&C Generals 2 Section on the main website of www.commandandconquer.com
So does that mean Generals 2 will be different or Command & Conquer “Free” is Generals 2 but just Renamed!

Posted by EA_Cire (Official Post | Website)

Why is this free?
As we talked with more strategy fans, we found major interest in a free-to-play game, as long as it maintained authenticity to the franchise and exceeded expectations for a modern AAA RTS. So we decided to take Generals 2 in an exciting new direction as EA.s first HD, free online game . Command & Conquer. The Generals 2 universe is the first of many free offerings that we will deliver with Command & Conquer. You can sign up for a chance to get beta access at www.CommandandConquer.com/free.

Will it still use Frostbite?
Yes, Command & Conquer is powered by Frostbite 2 . the powerful engine you may know from Battlefield 3. You will be able to experience the cutting edge visuals, sound and destruction of a full AAA frontline franchise for free.

Is this a browser game? Is this a social or Facebook game?
No, Command & Conquer is a full standalone client . a high quality game powered by Frostbite 2.

Can I really play it for free?
Yes, you can download and play for free once it.s available. Sign up for the beta at www.CommandandConquer.com/free.

What happens to Generals 2?
The Generals 2 universe will be the first of many free offerings that we will deliver with Command & Conquer. The content that we have already created will be part of this new free-to-play experience.

Will there be a traditional single player campaign?
Not at launch. We are currently focused on building a fun, high quality RTS experience that we want to get in your hands on as soon as possible. From there, we will continuously evaluate additional content based on a variety of player feedback methods.

I pre-ordered Generals 2 . What am I supposed to do?
If your retailer has not contacted you yet, please contact them for a full refund. We thank you for your enthusiasm and commitment to this franchise.

Are there any limits on how often I can play?
No . You will be able to play all day long as much as you want.

Where can I download it now?
The game is still in development. Sign up to be among the first to enter the closed beta at www.CommandandConquer.com/free.

When does the beta start?
We have not set a date yet for a consumer beta, but sign up now to be among the first to enter the beta at www.CommandandConquer.com/free.

What is the difference between this new Command & Conquer and the Tiberium Alliances game?
Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances is a free, browser based Strategy-MMO game that introduces a new way for players to experience the Tiberium universe. This new Command & Conquer is a more traditional, full client RTS experience, powered by Frostbite 2 with stunning graphics and full destruction. Players will be immersed in high-octane strategy as they compete for resources, build up bases and lead massive armies into battle.

Will the service be available on consoles?
We’re fully focused on delivering a high quality experience on PC at launch.

C&C Fan Movie Teaser!

TR2N from the official Command & conquer Forums posted a Fan-Made C&C Movie Teaser.
Enjoy watching! And don’t forget to use 720p Playback!

Posted by TR2N (Official Post | Website)
Hello everyone, i ve made a short video about possible C&C movie (i hope it will be in future).
Hope that you like it, Enjoy (720 please!)!

C&C Tiberium Alliances FAQ & Pay to Win!

So far we already knew that we get a Pay to Win game like Battlefield Heroes!
Please read this FAQ carefully before asking questions 😛

Posted by Menthur (Official Post | Website)

• What is Command & Conquer™: Tiberium Alliances?
Command & Conquer™: Tiberium Alliances is a free to play, hardcore, MMO-Strategy game based in the Command & Conquer Universe. There is no download required; it plays directly in your browser. You build up bases, research tech, raise armies and form alliances with others to prevail in the fight against The Forgotten and other players. The game is played in multiple short sessions daily and all progress is persistent.

• Is there a Single Player Mode?
Command & Conquer™: Tiberium Alliances supports a Single Player experience,
but it is definitely more fun to battle with others and join alliances to crush your enemies.

• Is there an offline mode?
No. Command & Conquer™: Tiberium Alliances is an online game.

• Is it a Facebook/Social Game?
Command & Conquer™: Tiberium Alliances is not a Facebook game. You do not need to have a Facebook account in order to play Tiberium Alliances. Neither do you need to invite friends to progress or unlock things. Instead, it is a game where you play on a server with up to 50,000 other players in a war for territory and dominance. You are faced with a large variety of strategic challenges ranging from attack tactics, preparing solid defenses, efficient base building, diplomacy to cooperative action against players and non-players. While it has social elements this is a hardcore, strategy game built for core gamers!

C&C Tiberium Alliances Beta Keys Coming!

For those who signed up for C&C Tiberium Alliances Closed Beta will receiving there Keys very soon!
Be sure you check out your Mail Box and Spam Box.

Posted by CnCAlliances (Official Post | Website)

Commanders, prepare for incoming Beta Invitations. Make sure to check your mails and spam folder.
See you on the Battlefield.

Me & Summetje are running a Alliance “Clan/Guild” in C&C Tiberium Alliances! Please PM Summetje or Underp4ntz for the Alliance “Clan/Guild” Invite! Our Alliance is called Icestorm “ICE” and is named after our C&C3: Tiberium Icestorm.

Be sure to join our Icestorm “ICE” Alliance, PM Summetje or Underpantz “Me” Ingame!
PS. It seems I cannot use my “Chrizz” nickname for C&C Tiberium Alliances because the game uses your main EA Account.

Greets Chrizz

C&C Tiberium Alliances – 4x Screenshots

We’ve got 4 brand new high resolution screenshots of the new C&C Tiberium Alliances Free 2 Play Game!


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