Nod Faction playable in C&C Tiberium Alliances!

For all the Brotherhood of Nod fans. Today we will Rise!
You can play the faction Nod and make Kane proud in the new C&C Tiberium Alliances Patch.

Posted by Skyther (Official Post | Website)

Patchnotes 05-09-2012

Nod is available as a player faction on the reopened Closed Beta Servers
Please note, that is not possible to switch from GDI to Nod. You have to make a fresh game on a CB-server, starting by Lvl 1.
Point of Interests now provide their boosts
Note that the unboosted resource production and combat strength is reduced compared to before the patch, but the boost can be about twice as strong as the reduction.

New features:

General balancing adjustments:
Obstacles in the defense area (wood, oil slicks, etc.) now slow down units by 50% (used to be 25%)
Forgotten bases are more challenging to take out: They repair themselves significantly faster: Now it takes only 1 hour for an almost completely destroyed Forgotten base to repair all its damage.
Limit on Plunder Introduced a limit on how much plunder one can get when attacking another player. The limit depends on the army level of the attacker. This is to stop the exploit, where players sell everything in their base and “give” the resources to a friendly player.
Prioritization Change in target prioritization for offense units: Attacking the defense units in front of an offense unit have now a higher priority than defense units left/right or behind the offense unit. (Doesn’t overwrite the preference for primary targets. E.g. a Guardian still attacks an infantry unit to its left when blocked by a vehicle.)
Offense All offense units need slightly more repair time, encouraging the use of armies from multiple bases slightly earlier.

Forgotten Balancing:

SAM Site, Decreased damage VS air
Scooper, Decreased life and damage, No damage VS air, Spawns more often and at camp lvl 11 and higher
Reaper Artillery, Decreased damage VS vehicles and air
Demolisher Artillery, Decreased damage VS infantry
– Movement of all units decreased

New units:
Forgotten Sniper, Medium ranged infantry, good against infantry Spawns in bases 17+, Outposts 19+ and Camps 22+
Forgotten Mammoth, Strong vehicle, good against vehicles, Spawns in bases 18+, Outposts 20+ and Camps 23+

GDI Balancing Offense:
Zone Trooper Increased life Increased damage VS vehicles and walls
Firehawk Decreased ammo

GDI Balancing Defense:
Zone Trooper Increased life Increased damage VS vehicles and air
MG Nest Decreased damage VS vehicles Deals Crossover-damage to vehicles
Sniper Decreased damage Increased range from 2.5 to 3.5
Flak Increased damage VS air
Watchtower Increased damage VS infantry Decreased damage VS vehicles and air
Titan Artillery Decreased damage VS infantry
SAM Site Decreased damage VS air

C&C: Tiberium Alliances Open Beta! + Trailer!

Today C&C: Tiberium Alliances gone Open Beta! Enjoy the Game and Enjoy Pay-to-Win!

Posted by C&C:TA (Website)
Thousands of players have clashed during the Closed Beta phase of Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances. The air was filled with smoke and the smell of molten armor while armies have been stomped to the ground and alliances have been forged by the fires of battle. The fight for Tiberium has reached a new level and the Forgotten stand their ground within this global conflict between GDI and Nod.

Now, it is time for new commanders. Now it is time for new tactics, new alliances, new enemies and new bravery. Now it is time for YOU! Join the epic battle and crush your enemies under your heel.

EA Phenomic is proud to announce the Open Beta of Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances!

Today, the epic MMO-Strategy Browser Game opens its gates for everyone to join the endless struggle for Tiberium and domination on the battlefield! The fight for Closed Beta Keys has ended but the real battle is just about to begin!

Join now and experience Command & Conquer in your browser and soon on your mobile device. Head on to dynamic battles, demanding tactics and the ultimate challenges in this browser based MMO.

We know how hard you worked to build huge empires and form alliances that can withstand any enemy forces. We want to honor that and therefore decided not to wipe the existing servers but open up new ones instead where everyone new to this game is invited to start from the scratch. You will be happy to hear that we even opened up our first German server!

Do you have what it takes to succeed in this merciless war?

C&C Tiberium Alliances FAQ & Pay to Win!

So far we already knew that we get a Pay to Win game like Battlefield Heroes!
Please read this FAQ carefully before asking questions 😛

Posted by Menthur (Official Post | Website)

• What is Command & Conquer™: Tiberium Alliances?
Command & Conquer™: Tiberium Alliances is a free to play, hardcore, MMO-Strategy game based in the Command & Conquer Universe. There is no download required; it plays directly in your browser. You build up bases, research tech, raise armies and form alliances with others to prevail in the fight against The Forgotten and other players. The game is played in multiple short sessions daily and all progress is persistent.

• Is there a Single Player Mode?
Command & Conquer™: Tiberium Alliances supports a Single Player experience,
but it is definitely more fun to battle with others and join alliances to crush your enemies.

• Is there an offline mode?
No. Command & Conquer™: Tiberium Alliances is an online game.

• Is it a Facebook/Social Game?
Command & Conquer™: Tiberium Alliances is not a Facebook game. You do not need to have a Facebook account in order to play Tiberium Alliances. Neither do you need to invite friends to progress or unlock things. Instead, it is a game where you play on a server with up to 50,000 other players in a war for territory and dominance. You are faced with a large variety of strategic challenges ranging from attack tactics, preparing solid defenses, efficient base building, diplomacy to cooperative action against players and non-players. While it has social elements this is a hardcore, strategy game built for core gamers!

C&C Tiberium Alliances Beta Keys Coming!

For those who signed up for C&C Tiberium Alliances Closed Beta will receiving there Keys very soon!
Be sure you check out your Mail Box and Spam Box.

Posted by CnCAlliances (Official Post | Website)

Commanders, prepare for incoming Beta Invitations. Make sure to check your mails and spam folder.
See you on the Battlefield.

Me & Summetje are running a Alliance “Clan/Guild” in C&C Tiberium Alliances! Please PM Summetje or Underp4ntz for the Alliance “Clan/Guild” Invite! Our Alliance is called Icestorm “ICE” and is named after our C&C3: Tiberium Icestorm.

Be sure to join our Icestorm “ICE” Alliance, PM Summetje or Underpantz “Me” Ingame!
PS. It seems I cannot use my “Chrizz” nickname for C&C Tiberium Alliances because the game uses your main EA Account.

Greets Chrizz

C&C Tiberium Alliances – 4x Screenshots

We’ve got 4 brand new high resolution screenshots of the new C&C Tiberium Alliances Free 2 Play Game!


C&C Tiberium Alliances – Trailer

Here is a Official C&C Tiberium Alliances Trailer. You can see here its a Web-based Game and looks pretty good if you play games like this.

Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliance Announced!

Yes….. A Second Free to Play Command & Conquer Game is revealed!
What do we understand of Free Play? Well the future will tell!

Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances brings the battle to your browser in this epic strategy MMO. Compete or ally with your friends in a worldwide war for precious resources. Based in the Command and Conquer Tiberium story world, C&C Tiberium Alliances allows players to experience C&C in a brand new way. Using HTML 5 technology, players are able to access their game from any web accessible browser making this one of the first truly portable mmo strategy titles to hit the market.

Apply for the Closed Beta today at  and get into the closed beta.