New C&C Global Community Manager Eric “CIRE”

Say welcome to our brand new Community Manager Eric aka CIRE.

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Eric, aka “CIRE”
Global Community Manager

I finally got the GO to lift my dark haze, so I can now announce my new job position here at Victory Games, located within EA Los Angeles. What is my new job?  You – the Command & Conquer Community – are my new dedicated full time job. Every actively involved community needs a strong voice at the studio to represent their opinions! And that will be the focus of my new job. I already know many of the hardcore leaders around the C&C world, but most of them don’t know me, so let me tell you a bit about myself.

Who am I?
My name is Eric, I am 23 years old and I live in Germany, well at least for now, because the sun and warmth of Los Angeles is already calling my name. I have been part of the C&C Community since the release of Generals in 2003. As the years passed by, I worked on different projects and community sites like CnC-Inside. It was in early 2007 when I started to see the community from another side – the EA side. The EA Community Team, which takes care of different EA franchises like Battlefield, Need for Speed and C&C for local European areas, asked me to join their team. I had some really great years collecting a lot of experience working with the community and contributing to projects like CommandCOM with our local Community Managers and APOC. Now, I find myself in the hot seat as your new global Community Manager for C&C, which is quite an honor for me.

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