Tiberium Icestorm – Media Pack 4

Long time no Update…. But finally we have some new content to show.

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Every Day is Tiberium Day!

Tiberium Blossom Tree Version 2:
Note: Keep in mind this can be updated any time till we think its done.

New Tiberium Blossom Tree.

Steel Talons – Hover MRLS:
The New Steel Talons – Hover MRLS is much more advanced than the old one.
This one has 2 seats 1 for the pilot one for hunting down targets.

ZOCOM – Ambulance:
The brand new ZOCOM – Ambulance can heal 2 biological targets at once in a specific range,
Also this vechicle is unarmed so be sure you protect it in the battle.

Marked Of Kane – Buggy:
The Marked Of Kane – Buggy has the basic concept of the original buggy.
But this one uses a bulletproof windshield and high caliber gun mounted on the top.

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