Kane’s Wrath MOD SDK

I dont have to say much, Its just awesome. “Means a brighter future to C&C3 Modding?”

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It is done! (At least a tiny little bit ^^)
The first version for the public is here. But remember: it is an alpha version and featuring just MpGameRules, ArmorTemplate and LogicCommand. It is not much yet but it can be updated easily. Also it might be crashing from time to time (even if it doesn’t for me anymore ^^). If it does please send me infos of what you have done where it crashed and maybe debug information if available.

Note: .net Framework 4.0 is required to use the SDK.
Also you might need to run the Launcher with elevated rights if you run Vista/7 and have installed KW in Program Files (The SDK itself asks for that rights per default).

The SDK:
A special Mod Launcher (not directly needed but makes it easy to use, see SDK documentation)

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