C&C Renovatio – Breaking Silence

Greetings, Scavengers,
It’s been a long time of silence. But you won’t believe it can be made up, do you? Of course, most of it was spent on real life issues, i.e., coffee, space exploration… and… shit… some studies combined with work too.

Some 6 weeks ago we finally got all together (rawr), exchanged some rude politeness (no, not that), and returned back to modding. The almighty team of 3.5 comrades re-started the engine of this freaking awesome stuff and moved the stick to high gear.

Recruiting… again

C&C Renovatio is looking for people. If you are talented, like kitties, like to rub em against tesla devices (okay, not really), walking on the beach, and of course are a space explorer, just come.

*3D Artist – Simple & Complex, Environmental, Promotional & Conceptual models. You name it.
*2D Artist – Promotional art, Textures, Posters.
*Concept Artist – Promotional, Units & Enviromental Concepts. The Shader Model gods might allow this to get real.
*Voice Artist – Unit Voices, of course.
*Audio Artist – Music & Sound effects.
*Mapping Artist – C&C3 Mapping in great detail a must.
*PR – News & Blog writing. Just like this.
*Anything you can additionally suggest.

Send basic info (bio, specialties, examples) to one of the following emails:

Oleg – Oleg_Balzanov{)at{)yahoo{)dot{)com
Edgar – batnia8{)at{)hotmail{)com

They’re weird, but bots aren’t dumb these days. Notice these two characters repeating. {) equals a dot.

Or PM us here in MODDB anyway.

Kane’s Wrath MOD SDK

I dont have to say much, Its just awesome. “Means a brighter future to C&C3 Modding?”

A Quote from Lauren,

Posted by Lauren

It is done! (At least a tiny little bit ^^)
The first version for the public is here. But remember: it is an alpha version and featuring just MpGameRules, ArmorTemplate and LogicCommand. It is not much yet but it can be updated easily. Also it might be crashing from time to time (even if it doesn’t for me anymore ^^). If it does please send me infos of what you have done where it crashed and maybe debug information if available.

Note: .net Framework 4.0 is required to use the SDK.
Also you might need to run the Launcher with elevated rights if you run Vista/7 and have installed KW in Program Files (The SDK itself asks for that rights per default).

The SDK:
A special Mod Launcher (not directly needed but makes it easy to use, see SDK documentation)